Our democracy can’t work without a functioning Congress. We’re calling for reforms to remedy dysfunction in the Senate and ensure that Congress is an appropriate check on the other branches of government.

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国会被打破. 在参议院, filibuster abuse and other obstruction tactics have repeatedly allowed a minority of senators to stymie congressional efforts to address the serious issues facing our country. 同时, Congress as a whole has fallen short in providing strong oversight of the executive branch: When Congress is controlled by the president’s party, it often abdicates its authority, looking the other way in the face of potential abuses of power. And when it is controlled by the opposition, partisan investigations often focus more on scoring political points than on uncovering the truth. 

布伦南中心 for Justice is urging reforms to create a Congress that works. Senate dysfunction undermines the proper operation of our government — which was meant to function with three branches, 不是两个. We promote reforms to the filibuster rule so that legislative minorities can’t paralyze the Senate indefinitely. And we urge Congress to bolster its oversight role.