本隐私政策描述了纽约大学法学院布伦南司法中心(“布伦南中心”)可能从您处收集或您在访问本网站时可能提供的信息类型 www.bren-nan-cen-ter.org (the “Site”) or donate to the Bren­nan Center, 还有我们收集的方法, 使用, main-tain-ing, protect­ing and disclos­ing that inform­a­tion. You are advised to consult the “隐私” link on the Site each time you visit the Site. Your contin­ued use of the Site consti­tutes your agree­ment to the Policy, as it may be amended from time to time.
1. Inform-a-tion我们收集.
当您将个人信息提交到本网站或捐赠给布伦南中心时,我们可能会收集您的个人信息. 以下列出了您向我们提供个人信息的最常见方式:
Auto-mat-ic-ally Collec-ted数据.  We auto­mat­ic­ally collect and store IP addresses and domain names of visit­ors’ computers.  We also track the number, frequency, and length of visits to each page. If you visit our website from another website, we may also identify that source link.  自动收集的数据被用来确定我们的网站的哪些部分是访问最多的,由谁, in order to make our website a more useful resource.
Regis-tra-tion. 我们不会要求您注册或输入任何个人信息以访问或使用本网站的大部分区域. 然而, 您可以选择订阅由布伦南中心分发的某些新闻信件或加入我们的邮件列表, which may require you to enter certain personal inform­a­tion. If you have any ques­tions about modi­fy­ing or delet­ing your inform­a­tion, 您可以直接与我们联系 witcomber -@bren-nan.法律.纽约大学.edu.
Dona­tions and Gifts; Secure Trans­ac­tions. In order to make a dona­tion or other gift, you will be required to provide personal inform­a­tion about your­self.  当您通过本网站捐款时, your dona­tion is processed via Network For Good, and the Bren­nan Center does not have access to your credit card data. 其他捐赠信息(i.e., 你的名字, address, dona­tion amount) is trans­mit­ted to the Bren­nan Center via a secure connec­tion.   
Commu­nic­a­tions between you and the Bren­nan Center. 如本政策所述, you may contact the Bren­nan Center or subscribe to news­let­ters and other mail­ings, and the Bren­nan Center may respond to your inquir­ies or request for mail­ings.  Addi-tion-ally, when you provide us with your email address and mail­ing address, we may contact you to ask you to support the Bren­nan Center. You can choose not to receive such requests by email­ing dona-tion-s@bren-nan.法律.纽约大学.edu. If you have opted to receive any of our public­a­tions by email, 你可以在任何时候通过点击“取消订阅”链接来取消订阅.
2. 我们收集的其他信息.
Cook­ies; Track­ing Mech­an­isms.  The Bren­nan Center uses cook­ies to prepop­u­late forms for users, auto-popu-late形式, and to track user patterns on the Site. 这些cookie帮助我们了解用户对网站的哪些部分最感兴趣. cookie中的信息包含用户的IP地址,由谷歌传输并存储. 您可随时使用互联网或移动浏览器的相关选项,或通过删除硬盘或移动设备上的cookie删除任何cookie.
我们跟踪开盘价, 点击量和网站用户的IP地址来衡量我们活动的效果和阻止欺诈行为的使用.  我们可能会使用网络信标来帮助我们汇编有关本网站操作的汇总统计数据.
Analyt-ics. 布伦南中心已经实施谷歌分析,以更好地了解我们的网站访问者,并帮助完善我们的在线广告活动策略.  You can opt-out of Google Analyt-ics by modi­fy­ing your 广告设置 或者通过down-load-ing 这个浏览器exten-sion. For more inform­a­tion on how Google Analyt-ics may use your data, 您可以查阅其政策位于 这个链接.
Using the settings of your Inter­net or mobile browser, you can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cook­ies. 查看浏览器的帮助菜单或特定软件的供应商文档,了解修改cookie的正确方法. 如果你选择关掉饼干, you may not have access to many features that make your brows­ing of our Site smoother, and some of our services may not func­tion prop­erly. If you continue to use our Site without chan­ging your settings, you consent to our use of cook­ies and other tools on the Site.
If you do not want us to collect inform­a­tion about your geographic loca­tion, you should disable the tech­no­logy that trans­mits this inform­a­tion.
The follow­ing list includes the differ­ent services that are connec­ted to this website, and what personal inform­a­tion may be tracked or recor­ded: 
3. 使用/分享你的信息.
The Bren­nan Center may disclose certain personal inform­a­tion to third parties, (i)在服务提供商的帮助下管理我们的网站和数据库(服务提供商有义务维护所提供的任何个人信息的保密性), (ii) as part of our normal busi­ness oper­a­tions, (iii)向您发送有关您与我们互动或本网站功能的通讯, or (iv) as required by 法律 or reques­ted by govern­mental or 法律 enforce­ment author­it­ies, 传票, 法院命令或调查请求, 或者当我们以其他方式真诚地相信,这种披露与任何可能违反法律或他人权利的活动有关是适当的, 威胁任何人或财产(包括网站)的安全或保障或使我们承担责任.
在addi-tion, 布伦南中心可能会偶尔与我们认为可能会让我们的捐赠者感兴趣的组织分享捐赠者数据(“共享组织”).  This process is care­fully controlled through a third party service provider. The Shar­ing Organ­iz­a­tion does not see our data, 它也不知道其中包含了什么信息,除了那些回应它的通讯的个人的姓名和联系方式.  If you prefer that we not include your data for shar­ing in this manner may opt out by (a) send­ing an email to the “opt-out” mail­box iden­ti­fied in the dona­tion confirm­a­tion email if the dona­tion is made online; (b) send­ing an email to dona-tion-s@bren-nan.法律.纽约大学.edu, or (c) check­ing the relev­ant box on a dona­tion slip received in the mail.  Please allow up to six weeks for processing of such requests.
 4. 其他网站.
This Policy applies only to the Site. If you visit any unaf­fili­ated website linked to the Site (for example, Twit-ter, Face­book or other social media sites), you are subject to that entity’s own privacy policies, 我们不能控制或监控的. You should review the privacy policies of all third-party websites before you visit them. 布伦南中心没有审查所有链接到本网站的网站,它也没有就隐私实践作出任何陈述或保证, func­tion­ing or content of any sites linked to this Site.
5. Inter-na-tional使用.
This 隐私政策 is inten­ded to meet the 法律s and regu­la­tions of the United States, and despite the global nature of the Inter­net, 布伦南中心没有声明本网站是适当的,或可以在美国以外的地方浏览或使用. Further­more, our data­bases are located in the United States. 通过向我们发送您的数据,您同意将其转移到美国并在美国境内存储. Irre­spect­ive of the coun­try in which you reside or from which you access the Site, 您授权布伦南中心在美国或其运营的其他国家使用您的个人信息. 从非法或违反适用规则或规章的国家或地区进入本网站是被禁止的. 那些从美国境外访问本网站的人是主动这样做的,并对遵守当地法律负责, 规则和regu-la-tions. 
6. 孩子的隐私.
本网站不是针对, and we do not seek or desire to collect inform­a­tion from, 13岁以下儿童. There­fore, we will not know­ingly request inform­a­tion from persons under such age. 如果我们发现我们收集了13岁以下儿童的任何个人信息, we will promptly use commer­cially reas­on­able efforts to delete such inform­a­tion.  如果您认为我们可能有13岁以下儿童的个人信息,请与我们联系 bren-nan-center -@纽约大学.edu.
7. 注意Proced-ures.
Please send all 隐私政策-related commu­nic­a­tions to bren-nan-center -@纽约大学.edu. To the fullest extent permit­ted by 法律, 您同意通过您用于联系本网站的电子邮件地址收到有关本隐私政策或任何与本网站有关的隐私或安全违规的所有法律要求的通知.
8. Govern-ing法律.
您同意本政策和您对本网站的使用应在所有方面受纽约州法律的管辖. 与本政策和您使用本网站有关的任何争议应仅由位于纽约州和县的州或联邦法院解决.